Homemade Sweet and Sour Chinese Chicken Balls



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    It came out great! Just maybe season the batter or the chicken a little bit for more flavor. Otherwise it was perfect

  2. Posted by giasizemore, — Reply

    Here is a link to a sweet & sour sauce recipe that tastes like take out! https://pin.it/7b28eSC

  3. Posted by primoitalians, — Reply

    wow super impressed! I cant wait to make this for my family

  4. Posted by eyoimvic, — Reply

    im hungry 🥺

  5. Posted by ninafreeman144, — Reply

    great idea ... ilove it . keep the good work

  6. Posted by bllionbby, — Reply

    [FULLNAME] It's so nice and cool 😉

  7. Posted by harriswatrous, — Reply

    Do you cook the chicken 1st?

  8. Posted by franklamark, — Reply

    Great pin

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